Barbershop & Salon Internship Outline

Key Objectives

1. Help students decide whether to pursue career in cosmetology

2. Teach basic cosmetology skills

3. Teach transferrable work/business skills and habits (for things outside of cosmetology)

Objective #1: Pursue Career in Cosmetology?

Introduction to Barber Shop/Salon

Ask Questions at Beginning & End of Work Shifts

Objective #2: Teach Basic Cosmetology Skills

Introduction to Working with Customers

–Shampoo Hair

–Greeting Customers

–Asking for and Collecting Money

–Seeking Feedback from Customers

Introduction to Working on Shop without Customers

–Cleaning the Shop

–Organizing Equipment

–Wash & Clean Equipment

–Maintaining Equipment

Objective #3: Teach Transferrable Work/Business Skills

Introduction to Recordkeeping

–Tracking Work Time

–Taking and Keeping Product Inventory

–Tracking Sales vs. Labor for Day/Week/Month

Introduction to Career Development

–Taking Initiative: Doing Things without being Told

–Customer Service

–Finding Opportunities for Improvement

–Completing Self-Evaluation

Introduction to Working within a Team Structure



Introduction to Marketing

–Marketing Directly to Customers in Barber Shop/Salon

–Marketing to Attract Additional Customers (for Business & Clients for Individual Barbers/Stylists)

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